Summer look

Don’t it feel¬†good when the sun touches our skin and wind softly blows through our hair. The air is warm and we are smiling without a reason.


If you want your skin to look beautiful in summer, please be smart and use some sun protection lotion, use it every time you are exposed to powerful sun. Avoid sunbathing when the sun is very strong otherwise you will end up with sunburns. Not only is the red skin unattractive it also shows that know nothing about effects of ozone layer and you don’t care about your health at all! Be careful, sunburns also speed up the aging process.

After unprotected sun exposure apply some coconut or carrot oil on the skin. It will create a beautiful brownish tan and will protect your skin from dehydration.

Special warning! Take special care of your lips. The skin of your lips is very thin and it can be damaged quickly. Don’t forget to use natural lip balm.

Girls, drink a lot of water! Especially in summer! Water cleans your skin from inside out and also gives you energy and improves well-being. You will look more youthful, your skin and also your hair will become more flexible.


Sun and salty water are natural hair enemies. To protect your hair from the sun you can wear modern straw hat!¬† It is also very important that you wash off the salt from your hair regularly. You don’t have to wash it every time you come out of the water, but please do it every evening. Your hair will be grateful! Also, avoid using aggressive shampoos and conditioners, they will do you even more harm.

To prevent tips from drying you can use olive oil, but really use it only on your tips. If you’ll use it on the whole hair length, your hair will be greasy and heavy.

So now you’re prepared! It’s time to enjoy summer more responsible. But still, enjoy every second of it!

Author: Mojca Frelih