Garmin Forerunner 25 HR – the best GPS running watch for beginners

When you decide to start with running and make it your regular sports activity, at the beginning you are more focused on improving endurance and power and not paying attention to running speed, tempo or distance. With each run completed, you are getting more self-confidence and motivated. If you are not planning to spend a fortune on your first GPS running watch than then  Garmin Forerunner 25 is perfect for you.

The reasons are listed in the article.

Garmin Forerunner 25 HR (in the box).

After every completed run you start to wonder about the distance and how fast did you really run. You can install a running application for tracking and recording sports activity and running routes (via mobile data) on your smartphone.

But carrying a chunky smartphone in your hands or in various running belt bags, while running, can be annoying and stress-full. GPS running watch is the best and most convenient gear for recording and tracking running distance, tempo, heart rate and much more than that.

Garmin Forerunner 25 HRWhy is Garmin Forerunner 25 HR still the best GPS running watch for beginners in 2018?

Among the really wide range of GPS running watches for beginners, now-days, on the market, Garmin Forerunner 25 HR is still competitive and powerful for basic runners. If you are not planning to spend a fortune on your first GPS running watch than this is your best choice. The reasons are listed below.

Good price

For a little money, you get a good, quality GPS running watch with a lot of running functions, including heart-rate monitor chest strap. By purchasing this excellent running watch, you will not regret you bought it.

Easy to use

After unboxing you can immediately start to use it. On both sides (left/right) of the Garmin FR25 you can find two buttons for easy controlling running functions. The watch displays and records the running time, elapsed distance, tempo or speed, heart rate and area. When finished, save it (the clock can store up to seven recent runs). Later, you can transfer your running experience via Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or computer and analyze it in detail.

Many running functions and running modes

Running time – You can set up maximum time each run. When you reach desired time, watch automatically ends the run, and saves it.

Running distance – The clock records the distance with each meter. However, you have the option to set the mileage distance you intend to expose on the day before you go. Or you can choose between already set distances (half marathon, marathon, custom distance). When you run the set distance, the watch ends the run and saves it.

Running speed and tempo – It records and displays the current running speed. With the “Virtual Pacer” option, you can set any pace before you start to run. The watch then warns you if you are faster or you are lagging behind.

Precise heart rate monitor – Watch automatically connects with the heart rate strap belt using a Bluetooth connection. Monitoring your heart rate when running, can be a good indicator of your physical condition.

Saving and storing runs – Once you are done, it saves it (the watch saves up to seven recent runs and records the best time elapsed). You save the saved download via a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or computer. The program is called Garmin Connect and you can get it online for free. Because it’s a GPS watch it can save and stores course on the map, time, miles, pace, calories burned, and other details.

Different running modes – Before you start running, you can choose between different running modes. You can set distance, running time, tempo, amount of burned calories. When you reach the desired value, the watch automatically stops to track the run and saves it.

Good battery life

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the watch Garmin Forerunner 25 with a lit GPS can withstand up to 8 hours, without this as an ordinary clock – up to 6 weeks (smaller version) and d 8 weeks (the larger version of Garmin FR25). Charge it using the supplied charger, which is connected to the computer via the USB cable.

Waterproof watch

You can run without any problems in the rain and also swim in the water. According to the manufacturer, it is waterproof up to 5 atm.

Simple design and good screen

The watch seems to be very simple, rectangular with rounded edges. It is made of quality plastic and very compact material. The silicone strap fits comfortably on the wrist and also suitable for those with smaller wrists. At first glance, the watch does not look anything special. You can buy in two different sizes.

Black&red and black&blue color combinations are larger versions and suitable for men, while the white&pink color combination is more suitable for women. The screen is black and white, and you can turn on screen background light with one of the side keys. The numbers and letters on the screen (128×128 pixel size) are large enough and visible, even in fog or rain.

Additional useful functions

Garmin Forerunner 25 in addition to all running functions, allows you to read text messages and alerts if you are connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. The clock can also record the number of steps taken and the calories burned.  You can use it also as a regular daily watch (without GPS turned on). It will display current time, date and you can also set up an alarm clock.

Garmin Forerunner 25HR with heart rate monitor chest strap and usb dock station.Why should you buy a Garmin Forerunner 25 HR?

 The Garmin Forerunner 25 HR is designed for all active runners who are already running or just starting to run and looking for a more convenient solution to tracking their running experience, then carrying a smartphone with them. The watch is the good bargain, reliable, solid made, easy to use, and also a favorite gear among running beginners.