3 reasons why Geox Box 28 Low-Profile are the best men sneakers to wear it on casual Friday at work?

Geox Box 28 Low-Profile – Finding the right pair of sneakers to wear it every day at work or only on casual Fridays can be a difficult task. Before buying sneakers, you need to focus on excellent all-day comfort, modern look, best quality and good price.

To make a top purchase, you won’t regret, we will help you out, and write you down 3 reasons why you should choose Geox Box 28 Low-Profile as your first sneakers to wear it on casual Friday at work.

Geox Box 28 Low Profile top.

1. Breathable & comfortable

Because of the Geox innovative breathable technology, Geox Box 28 Low-profile offers an ideal microclimate condition inside the sneakers, that keeps your feet dry in comfortable.

Outside rubber soles are breathable, the membrane absorbs and expels sweat without letting the water in. So even in rainy weather, with wearing sneakers you won’t get your feet wet.

Geox Box 28 also overheats less, then sneakers with regular rubber sole. Despite this technology, sneakers are lightweight, offer good grip and are comfortable for wearing all day. Padded insoles are removable.

Gepx Box 28 Low-Profile bottom view.

2. Modern look & good design

You can wear these sneakers to work every day or choose to wear in only on casual Fridays. Geox Box 28 are modern, minimally styled sneakers, well designed for active working men, who goes from office to meetings and needs modern look and good designed leather sneakers.

Because of the breathable technology sneakers can be worn all seasons, regardless the weather. You can wear these sneakers best combined with chinos, jeans or trousers. Sneakers can be bought in black or grey color, with the brand name badge Geox on the upper side.

Geox Box 28 Low-Profile side view.

3. Good quality & well-known brand

Geox is Italian brand of shoe manufactured, best known for their good quality and innovative breathable and waterproof sole technology. The brand name, Geox, was created from a mixture of Greek word »geo« (earth) and letter »x«, representing technology.

The brand was founded in 1995 by Mario Moretti Polegato, who got an idea about breathable soles while running in hot desert climate in Reno. Since then, Geox has invested in innovation and working with major research laboratories to test and discover new technology in the footwear industry.

Geox Box 28 Low-Profile side view.

Why are sneakers Geox Box 28 Low-profile excellent sneakers to buy?

These are good quality sneakers made by well known Italian shoe brand Geox. You will wear them comfortable many years and not worrying about and be looking for new pair of sneakers every year.

Excellent breathability offers good comfort wearing them all day. Geox Box 28 Low-Profile are waterproof, lightweight sneakers made from leather, synthetic and innovative insole and rubber soles.

It is a good deal and you also get modern, innovative, comfortable sneakers to wear it in any weather, at your work and work meetings outside. You can also wear them in your free time when going out to a concert, lunch, cinema or just going out for a quick walk in the nearest park.