3 hair accessories for everyday wearing

Hair accessories are usually associated with weddings, prom nights and all kinds of gala happening. But why wait for some event to come around, if you can feel like a princess every day? There are a lot of hair accessories on the market that is appropriate for casual wear. They will also add a little cuteness to your style.

1. Barette

Barrettes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are more glammurous, different colours with flower or crystals attached and the others with not so many details are more appropriate for office look. Your front hair clipped back with almost any kind of barrette will make you look more elegant!

2. Headbands

Headbands are always in fashion! You can get almost every headband that you imagine. They come in different sizes, materials and with all kinds of decorations. Headband is perfect for removing hair from your eyes and it can also add volume to your hairstyle. Be careful that you choose the right size!

3. Flower

Flower in your hair adds romantic to your look. That kind of romantic that you feel on the first date, or anniversary. But if you choose wisely and don’t exaggerate with size or  colour of the flower, you can wear every day to your normal casual clothes! It will add  your look  a playful personality and you will feel adored everywhere you will go!