What to see in Vienna, Austria

Visiting one of Europe’s most interesting cities you have to know in advance what to include in you itinerary when arriving to Vienna. Vienna has been an important city. It had created centuries of history. And this can still be seen when walking around the city.

The metro of Vienna is well organized and efficient way to discover different parts of the city
In Vienna the old meets the new. A perferct mixture of modern city and traditional values.
On a stroll through the city you will discover many surprising details.
Inside the great cathedral of Vienna.
Picturesque cathedral of Vienna.
The opera
Karl’s church
Even McDonalds is styled in classic Hundertwasser architecture
Haus des Meeres – Vienna’s exciting aquarium
Unconventional architecture by Hundertwasser has become Vienna’s trademark
Schönbrumm – the residence of all Austrian ceasars
Vienna’s ZOO hosts some of the very interesting animal species
Technical museum is a where kids will get to know physics