Make up at the beach? Why not!

Are you the type of girl that doesn’t go anywhere without her make up? Do you even take out the trash with a tiny bit of mascara? Then we’ve got news for you! You can wear make up at the beach without looking unnatural and completey silly. Just be very careful what kind of make up you chose.

(But still, every now and then give your skin a break from all those blushes, foundations, lipsticks, shades.. Skin needs to breathe and regenerate. )

Be careful what kind of make up you choose. It’s ussually very hot on the beach and you will probably get wet. Make sure you use  waterproof foundation and even more important waterproof mascara! There are a lot of low budget products on the market, with misleading sign “waterproof”, but still can be easily smeared. So be careful and choose only quality products.You don’t want to look like a panda that just got out of the water.

It is very important to wear natural colours that are matching your skin tone on your eyes and lips. Go for pink, gold, peach and bronze. You can also apply some mascara, but just a bit for a fresh finish.

If you decide to choose foundation, choose one with sun factor. Please avoid the mat look an use foundation that has moisturising effect instead, it will also protect your skin from drying.

What about eyeliner?

Save eyeliner for the night party. 😉

Author: Mojca Frelih