Ljubljana Christmas Market – unique handmade craft

December in Ljubljana is always something special. It’s a cosy little city that’s not too big to see the fireworks, Baby Jesus cribs in the centeral church and stroll around the modern center of Ljubljana. The Christmas market is a originalblend of Ljubljana’s melos and the regional hand craftsmenship products that you can take away with you.

You enter the Christmas Market from Ljubljana’s main street ńĆopova ulica. The market is dedicated to the local craftsmen who exhibit their products to the locals and tourists.

Many visitors to Ljubljana neglect the fact that the Christmas market is just aorund the corner. But those who make it into the big hall have something to see. And to buy.
The sellers are actually the producers of these small delicate gifts themselves.
Wood is a major substance present in Slovenia, so it is a popular material in the market.
Slovenia’s diversity shows in the offer of every stand. Be careful about those little things.
Art is the main topic of the Christmas market in Ljubljana.
These unique products make a perfect gift for you and your loved ones back home.
Many children visit and admire the colors and materials of unique products. And also the prices might be quite unique. For example hone handmade notebook would cost you about 20 EUR.
Ljunljana is part of the old continent, Europe. And it cannot hide it.
Something for the kitchen is always a good present. Did you know there is a Slovenian food named after Melania Trump? Yes, she’s Slovenian too.

When you’ll get home, you’ll appreciate you had visited the Christmas market of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
There are december stands, carnivals and happenings throughout the whole Slovenia. You might rent a car and travel to each one of them. Don’t worry they might be only 1 hour drive away, but it would feel like different worlds.