Digital transformation for a production company

If your company was founded in last 30 years and activities have been developing since the beginning of business until todayyou have set the development of your own products in the last year. If that’s the case most probably the main goal of the company is to offer customers products that will be made according to customer requirements and will enable quality operation of machine elements around the world and on the other innovative measuring and cleaning devices that will ensure maximum quality, performance and productivity. , and through the years of data monitoring (so-called Big Data collection) enabled you to develop new business models and solutions. By now your company should employ technically qualified professionals? If this is true for your company, then you are welcome to read further.

Among its end customers are demanding manufacturers from the various industries, mainly from the US and Germany. The development is through self-learning process. Production has been going on since the very beginning of operations, and has been active for the last three years. In recent years, you have done greater emphasis on expanding machinery and production (compatibility with Industry 4.0 standard), but have not yet succeeded in digitizing processes that are still carried out predominantly with paper documents, wall panels, traditional LEAN approaches that require personal coordination, thus requiring the constant presence of the human factor?

This usually results in a reduction in the quality of the company’s services and products, which results in a lower competitive position in the market. However, your company must see digital business much more broadly, so management should prepare for an increase in the level of digitality of production and business and in response to restrictive events resulting from COVID-19. The company is aware of the potential of the digital economy, which it brings to all areas of business, and especially to create added value to customers – so it sees the next strategic step in its development and solutions to public health challenges in digital transformation.

Purpose and goals of digital transformation

With the digital transformation, the company will accelerate growth and outline the sustainable development of operations and the competitiveness of its production capacities. The measures will help eliminate the consequences of the pandemic, which provide additional reasons for accelerated investment in the company’s digital readiness. By investing in the digitalization of relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, raising digital management competencies, introducing a digital business model and innovative digital products, digitalization of production in accordance with Industry 4.0 and the transition from traditional production LEAN approaches to “DIGITAL LEAN” value chain approaches Sonet Plus maintained partnerships and in the long run strengthened on existing ones and entered new markets and market niches. With the digital transformation, the company will move to the digitalization of operations and adapt to the conditions in the digital market, improve the digital competencies of employees, increase added value per employee and innovation with added value for the end customer (user) and environmental protection.