Casa de Sergio and Miriam – Private room rent in Havana, Cuba

In Cuba, besides hotels, the only available form of accommodation are casa particular private rentals. These are homes-to-rent provided by local owners who are there to make that the stay pleasant for the tourists.

While traveling, the tourists would seek a nice and clean place to stay, a bathroom, transfer from the airport and to sightseeing places. Most casas particular will offer all of these for a small reimbursement compared to other Caribbean islands. While car rentals exist on Cuba, owners of casas particular will also offer their transfer service with their car, possibly a preserved Americal olds mobile.

Casa de Sergio and Miriam

Casa de Sergio and Miriam is one of the highliy recommended private homestays in Havana, Cuba. Sergio will make sure that their visitors will be greeted fairly and Miriam will take care for the cuisine.  The house has become very popular among European and American tourists because they can connect effectively with Sergio by email or telephone and reserve the casa in advanced while planning the whole trip.

The casa is located in Old Havana (Havana Vieja) in the middle of historical sightseeing spots. You can reach Capitolio, Hemnigway’s El Floridita Bar at walking distance as well as Havana’s cathedral and the main bus station. There are many takeaway and traditional restaurants a few blocks from the house.

Plan your stay

Entering the Republic of Cuba visitors must have designated address of their accomodation. You will have to show the address of your Cuban stay to Cuban border officials if asked. Casa Particular de Sergio and Miriam is authorized by the state of the Republic of Cuba and has a valid license to operate. When looking for accomodation be careful to choose a house with this sign because it is the only legal type of tourist accomodation available in the Republic of Cuba.