4 apps for getting around Vienna in 2017

In times of cheap internet roaming and free availability of smart phone applications it is hard to select the right one for your next trip to Vienna. If you are first time visitor or a frequent traveler to Vienna you will find interesting new places or at least not get lost if you will take advantage of these applications for your phone.

1. Quando Vienna

When, how and where… qando Vienna can tell you. The mobile service from Wiener Linien. Using real-time information and an integrated route-planner, incorporating disruption information as well as network maps and points of interest (POI); qando Vienna utilises the most up-to-date mobility information to give travellers the best possible companion for on the go.

With qando Vienna you will always know exactly when and where the next vehicle departs. It allows you to optimise your routes and limits the time you spend waiting at bus stops and for connections. qando Vienna combines information about all modes of public transport in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. With just a few clicks you know how, where and when. Contacts from the address book of your device can be used for route requests.

More information about how to use the app can be found under “Help and Info” on the main menu or online at www.wienerlinien.at/qando

2. Susi

Your own personal city spirit guide, showing you the nearest pharmacy, petrol station, dog salon, vegan café and any other niche destinations you can dream up, Susi will help you in your hour of need. There is also a ‘Susi recommends’ section, giving insider tips on new openings of shops and restaurants around Vienna. Get the app here.

3. CityBike Vienna

The fastest, cheaper and most enjoyable way of getting around Vienna is by bike. The city has organized bike travel system with good routes and availability of bikes at the CityBike stations all around. There are various apps that help you finding the nearest available Citybike station. The apps presented here are available free of charge in the respective app stores. Many thanks to a dedicated community for the development of those useful apps. The required data come from the Open-Data API of Citybike Wien.

Get your app here.

4. Unterwegs Vienna

When your trip to Vienna includes also driving around with your or rental car, you will have to know about the closed roads, traffic jams and recommended routes to save on gas and time. Unterwegs is the only app for your smartphone that will provide you realtime advice on the optimal roads choice. Get your app here.