3 tips to healthy lips

1. Get rid of dead skin

The skin of your lips is extra thin and sensitive, that’s why it’s very important to use peel with natural ingredients.

You can make your own natural peeling in a minute!

It’s super simple! Just mix olive oil and sugar. Apply it on your lips and gently rub the mixture, your dead skin will peel off quickly and easily. Wait a few minutes and then wash it off. Your lips will feel refreshed!

2. Use lip balm

Don’t forgetkiss-545144_1280
to apply lip balm under every product you use. Avoid all flavoured and coloured balms   and choose only natural one. It will make a good foundation and your lips will stay healthy  and shiny!

3. Don’t bite your lips!

Biting can damage soft lip skin and can leave a scar or a different pigmentation. If you’re nervous and you feel like biting, rather bite someone who deserves it!

Author: Mojca Frelih