Natural look in 5 steps

Don’t it feel good when the sun touches our skin and wind softly blows through our hair. The air is warm and we are smiling without a reason..

A lot of women told me that they feel more beautiful in the summer. The main reason is their tanned skin (be careful) and lightened hair. If you want your skin to look beautiful in summer please be smart and use some sun protection lotion, use it every time you are exposed to powerful sun. Avoid lying on the beach in none and sunbathing when the sun is very strong. You will get sunburns and you will end up with a red skin.. So that in the evening everyone will know that you don’t know anything about ozone layer and that you don’t care about your health! Also, sunburns speed the aging process.. You don’t want to look old in the winter don’t you?

After unprotected exposure to the sun, apply some coconut or carrot oil on the skin.. This will create a beautiful natural tan and will protect your skin from dehydration.

Special warning! Take special care of your lips. The skin in your lips is very thin and they can be damaged quickly. Use more lip balm!

Girls drink a lot of water, not only in summer, but especially in summer! Water cleans your skin from inside out and also gives you energy and improves well-being. You will look more youthful and your skin will become more flexible. Not only your skin, but also your hair. You will not believe what kind of power water has.

So you got the skin covered, now focus on your hair. Hair are very volnerable in this hot season, take care of it! Please don’t use aggressive shampoos and conditionare, they will do you even more harm. Sun has a huge impact on the hair and it can damage it easily. Besides the sun, salty water is also bad for your hair. You don’t have to wash off the salt with fresh water every time you come out of the water, but please do it every evening. Your hair will be grateful!

To prevent tips from drying you can use olive oil, but only on your tips. If you will use it on the whole hair length, your hair will be oily and heavy.

So now you are prepared! It’s time to enjoy summer more responsible, you are not getting any younger. But still, enjoy every second of it!

Author: Mojca Frelih

Party makeup

When you are going to a party, you are allowed to use a little more bold make up decisions.

Like in everyday make up, you should first take care of foundation. Good foundation should match your skin tone and if you are going out it could be a little shiny and glossy.

Don’t be afraid to put a little more blush on your cheeks or even using blush in stronger colour. Bleach blush softly with your foundation.

Before you use eye shadow apply a little loose powder around your eyes it will make your make up last longer. Draw a thin line with eyeliner only on your upper eyelid, it will make you look younger and your eyes will appeal bigger!

Now be careful!

You can never outline your eyes, cheeks and lips at the same time! Choose only two things and make a third look natural.

Author: Mojca Frelih

Hi Ladies :)

Am I beautiful? Do I look good in this dress? Should I lose weight? Is he gonna notice me… ? Unfortenally we live in a very insecure world.. In fact, no one really feels good about themselve anymore.

We have to realize that real beauty comes from the inside.  And what we see on the TV or look for on internet is one big fake photoshoped beauty! Why do we all have to look alike? Do we really have to feel bad about our appearance? Everyone of us is beautiful in their own unique way and that’s what makes us special.

Show your natural beauty and accept yourself for who you are! <3

Author: Mojca Frelih

Car hire in Barcelona 2018

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